10 ways to rid spiders for good without any chemicals



According to statistics in 2015, 30.5% of the US population has a fear of spiders, which is called a fear of spiders, and most spiders may live in the open air, but they enter homes in search of food or shelter, so spiders enter homes through cracks or from under doors And this problem is more common during late summer, then spiders prepare their nets in bedrooms or in cupboards, and you can get rid of spiders in safe and easy ways. Get to know them as follows:



 Get rid of spiders by cleaning the house regularly:


It is important to keep the house clean and free of clutter to prevent the presence of any crawling insects, including spiders, and it is also recommended to clean areas that attract spiders such as piles of boxes, old newspapers and magazines, and store mattresses under the beds, and the vacuum cleaner is effective in getting rid of spiders and all networks Which you prepare and collect spiders eggs also, and if you want to get rid of spiders completely, follow these steps:



* It is preferable to use the vacuum cleaner hose to clean remote places such as ceilings, lamps, and corners.


* It is preferable to clean the beds and the sofa first, especially after eating light foods.


* It is preferable to cover the openings in the house, such as the one in the hood.


* Fill cracks and holes to prevent spiders from entering them.


* Clean old boxes frequently.



 Get rid of spiders using peppermint oil:


Peppermint oil is one of the best simple remedies that help get rid of spiders, as it is characterized by its strong smell, which forces spiders to escape from the house immediately.


 * In a spray bottle, three cups of water are added to it with a spoon of dish soap to help spread the water evenly on the surfaces, then add to them also a large spoon of mint oil, then shake the bottle well and then spray it on all places where spiders are likely to be present. It is preferable to repeat this process once daily for a few days.


* Or you can plant mint in the kitchen.


  Get rid of spiders using white vinegar:


White vinegar is also highly effective in getting rid of spiders, as white vinegar has a pungent smell that makes spiders flee from the house, and acetic acid helps kill spiders, and moreover, using white vinegar to get rid of spiders is considered one of the safe ways especially If one of the types of pets is present in the house.


 * You can mix equal quantities of white vinegar with water in a spray bottle.


* Spray the solution in places where spiders are present.


* Spray the solution directly on the spiders when you see them.


Repeat this process once daily.



 Getting rid of spiders using camphor:


Spiders do not like strong smells, so the use of eucalyptus leaves contributes to the elimination of spiders, and one of the other essential oils can also be used.



* You can put fresh or dried camphor leaves in the rooms of the house, in drawers, and on shelves where spiders are located.


* You can also mix twenty drops of eucalyptus oil with half a cup of water and put them in a spray bottle, then spray it with windows and entrances to the house.


* Camphor oil can also be placed directly into cracks and holes in the house.


  Get rid of spiders using horse chestnut:


Horse chestnut peels contain toxic chemicals that are effective in getting rid of spiders, and this method was one of the methods used in the past.


Horse chestnut units can be divided into two halves to give off their scent.


* Then put every part of it in every corner of the house, the presence of spiders.


You can also substitute the horse chestnut with units of walnut or orange tree fruits.


  Get rid of spiders using tobacco:


Although this treatment seems strange, it is one of the magic solutions that contribute to the elimination of household spiders, as spiders hate the smell of tobacco and escape from them.


 * You can soak a large spoon or two of tobacco in hot water for half an hour, then add the juice of a lemon to it, and then spray the solution all over the house.