50 Incredible Energy And Potential Health Benefits of Honey That Would Have You Thank Bees !



The benefits of honey are related to many health properties that accrue to the human body, the most important of which are:


1- A source of energy for adults and children

Honey is a high-value food item and is used as food for children and adults, and it is the only local substance that is not man-made and consumed as food that does not need refining, and honey can be preserved for a long time when stored properly.

Honey replaces the sugars consumed due to the physical or mental effort that the person exerts, and it may also be used in treating cases of weight loss and thinness.


2- Antibacterial and microbial

Honey is like an antibiotic, as it has the ability to kill many microbes, viruses and fungi. It also interacts with cells in the body to secrete antiseptic substances that reduce inflammation and poisoning.


3- Reducing the level of fats in the body

Honey - being an alternative to refined and processed sweeteners - contributes to the prevention of many: obesity problems, heart disease and arteriosclerosis. Where it was found that it has a role in reducing the proportion of cholesterol and fats in the blood.


4- Prevention of diseases of the digestive system

Unlike simple and refined sugars such as sucrose, honey does not ferment in the stomach as it does not stay for long as it is rapidly digested, thus posing no risk of bacterial invasion.


It passes directly from the small intestine into the bloodstream without causing any irritation in our digestive system as sucrose does.


 And one of the clinical trials found that one of the benefits of honey is that it helps treat:



Infections of the intestine as well as treatment of constipation, it is considered a light laxative, because it increases the activity of the intestine.

Digestive disorders, as it works to cancel the excess acidity in the stomach, which often leads to ulcers.

Many doctors have used honey in treating stomach and duodenal ulcers.


The benefits of honey that will make you eat it daily

 5- Preserving the teeth and protecting the gums

 Honey plays an essential role in preserving teeth, preventing them from decay and their proper growth, and it also has a role in strengthening and protecting the gums.


6- Prevention of cancer

Honey contains vitamins and antioxidants, and in fact one of the unique antioxidants called "pinocembrin" is only found in honey.


It is known that antioxidants have a great role in preventing cancer and preventing the proliferation of cancer cells, especially in cases of cancer of the esophagus, mouth, intestine and stomach.


7- Cough treatment

According to many studies, honey is an effective and safe treatment for children's coughs from over-the-counter medicines, as it helps remove phlegm and throat infections and relieve coughing, and thus it is used in the manufacture of many cough medicines.


8- Enhancing and increasing hemoglobin in the blood

Numerous studies have found that honey has an effective role in regulating blood pressure and increasing the level of hemoglobin in it.


9- A good choice for athletes

Honey is considered a source of energy supply to the body and raise the level of blood sugar (glucose) in a short period of time, thus it is considered the best option to provide athletes with energy and help them to train and do physical exercise.


Also, using it as a source of carbohydrates during exercise helps to improve performance significantly, especially during endurance racing and cycling.


10- Treatment of wounds and burns

Honey contains the enzyme responsible for producing hydrogen peroxide, which makes it useful in treating wounds, relieving pain, disinfecting them, and preventing germs and bacteria from growing by creating an acidic environment and thus preventing their infection.


And many studies have shown that the topical use of honey on superficial burns helps them heal in a large and effective rate and helps heal wounds faster.


11- Good for skin, complexion and eyes

It has been found that honey has benefits for the skin and skin, as honey helps:


Purify the complexion.

It is used to treat eczema, psoriasis and acne as it contains anti-bacterial properties.

Honey helps relieve dry skin and cracks in the feet.

In this way, it is used in the manufacture of many cosmetic products and soaps that help the freshness of the skin, as well as in the preparation of eye ointments, as it is useful in the treatment of infections of the eyelids and cornea and ulcers.


12- It affects the nervous system

Honey is a sedative for the body, so eat it before bed, calms the nervous system, and overcomes some sleep disorders