Banana Bread Brownies



What's new today? Get to know us about easy steps to prepare healthy banana brownies .. The video method is an American dessert

It is characterized by being an easy and fast dessert, as well as delicious taste and will appeal to your family, and it can be presented to your children and their friends as an ornament

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* Ingredients:


° 2 mashed bananas

° ½ cup brown sugar

° an egg

° ½ cup milk

° A small spoon of vanilla

° A teaspoon of baking soda

° ¼ cup cocoa

° ¼ cup vegetable oil

° A cup ground oats

° A cup dark chocolate

° Pinch salt


* Preparation :


1- In a food processor, put mashed bananas and brown sugar, then mix them together with an electric beater.

2. Add eggs, vanilla, salt and re-mix.

3. Add the milk and keep mixing.

4- Add baking soda, cocoa, ground oats, and vegetable oil, then mix them all with an electric beater.

5. Adding dark chocolate & blend agaiin.

6- Put the mixture in a tray, then put it in the oven for half an hour.

7. Cut it and serve it