Best Upholstery & Carpet Stain Remover


Carpet may be dirty with different types of stains, whether it is shoes, mud stains, coffee, or drink, and these stains can be eliminated without washing the carpet, by following one of the following methods:

 Carpet cleaning with dishwashing liquid You can get rid of stains that affect the carpet using water and dishwashing liquid, by following the following steps:


++ Use two empty spray bottles, and fill the first with a cup of warm water with a quarter of a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, and fill the second with cold water only. Sprinkle the cleaning solution on a cloth that absorbs liquids, and then put the cloth on the stain in the carpet, because spraying the solution directly on the carpet helps to get it wet significantly. The stain begins to go out and becomes on the cloth, and you must continue with this process until the stain is completely absorbed.

Sprinkle another cloth with cold water, and use it to get rid of the residual detergent solution, then use the same method, but with a dry cloth, in order to dry the water area. A piece of paper towels is placed on the spot, then a heavy-duty tool is placed on it, in order to absorb the remaining liquids in the carpet.


++ Carpet cleaning with soda Carpet stains can be eliminated using soda, by following the following steps:

In the beginning, the spot should be dried quickly, it is better that the carpet does not absorb the whole stain, so that the leak does not reach the bottom of the carpet, so that mold does not form or the carpet becomes smelly. If the stain is a drink or juice stain, simply put soda on the spot, then rub it with a dry piece of clothing until the entire stain comes out.