Crescent cheese danishes


You can garnish the danishes with a very wide variety of ingredients: jam, jelly or marmalade

pastry cream

a nut mixture (like baklava)

a lemon cream

You can also add fresh fruit, slivered almonds, etc.


* Ingredients:

++ Dough for Danish


° 1/4 cup  water at room temperature

° 1/2 cup room temperature milk

° 1 egg, at room temperature

° 2 1/4 cups  flour

° 1 pack fast-acting yeast,

° 1 C. salt

° 1 C. 1 tbsp sugar

° 1 cup butter, cold, cut to small cubes


* Instructions :


Pour the water, milk, and egg into a large bowl or measuring cup.

Pour the flour, sugar, salt and yeast in the food processor. Spray for a few seconds to mix the ingredients.

Add the butter and spray for just a few seconds to break up the butter a little.

You should still see large pieces of butter in the dough.


Add the dough to the bowl containing the liquid and mix with your hands. Here's what the mixture should look like:

Cover and refrigerate at least overnight and for up to 4 days.


Then you will have to fold and spread the dough twice:


We spread with the roller, giving it as square a shape as possible, then we fold the dough in three, like a sheet of paper.

We stretch again with the roller, trying to give it a square shape.

We fold the dough in thirds again, but this time in the other direction (let's say our "sheet" will be horizontal instead of vertical)

Then we separate the dough into individual portions and we can make our Danish!