Easy Christmas Cake



Christmas cake is a traditional British cake. It is served at Christmas throughout the Commonwealth. Very rich in dried fruits and spices, this dessert is full of winter flavors, which will quickly make you forget the grayness. Plus, this Christmas treat holds on well to the body, which is perfect for fighting the cold! Finally, the Christmas cake is very easy to make;



* Ingredients :



° 725g of dried fruit in small pieces (grapes, apricots, pineapple, cranberries, prunes, cherries, etc.)

° 205g flour

° 195g brown sugar

° 50g slivered almonds

° 195g butter (or vegetable margarine)

° 4 eggs

° 5cl + 2 tbsp. rum

° 8cl of orange juice

° 3 tbsp. lemon

° 1.5 tbsp. cinnamon

° 1 C. coffee anise

° 1 C. nutmeg

° 2 pinches of ginger

° 1 mixed clove

° 1 pinch of salt

° some candied cherries

° 5-6 whole almonds


* Steps :


In a Dutch oven, cook the butter, sugar, 5cl of rum, orange juice, lemon juice and dried fruit over medium heat.

At the first boil, let simmer for 5 minutes, stirring regularly.

Transfer to a salad bowl and let cool for 30min.

Preheat oven  140 ° C . Line a 20cm diameter mold with baking paper.

Pour the flour, spices, flaked almonds and salt over the cooled fruit. Mix well.

Beat the eggs in a bowl and fold them into the batter.

Mix well, then pour into the mold.

Decorate with whole almonds and candied cherries, then bake for 2 hours.

Out of the oven, prick the cake with a skewer, then pour in the 2 tbsp. of remaining rum.

Wait 1h30 before unmolding on a serving dish.

Enjoy the cold Christmas cake.