Here's the quickest and easiest way to shuck corn




If you haven't tried this method yet, it is strongly recommended. Instead of boiling the corn in water and getting hot in the kitchen, cook it in the microwave oven.

1. Begin by cutting the tail of the cob or cob, 2.54cm long from the end.

2. Cook 4 minutes for each pinecone.

3. Remove the husk by flicking the tip down.


Attention: Use oven gloves, the corn cob will be very very hot.


The microwave oven produces enough moisture to separate the corn husks. You will not lose the taste of the corn because you do not boil it in water for a long time! And the corn cob will come out of its cover with ease! Perfect thing!


Add a little butter and salt, and you will have the most delicious cob of your life!




TIPS 5 :

DIY lip balms designed to heal cold sores


Cold sores are red blisters that appear under the mouth, lips, and nose, and they are caused by the HSV-1 virus. Immunomodulatory and cold sores can heal within two weeks by doing some natural remedies.


Home remedies to help you treat cold sores:

Tea bags:


Tea contains nutrients and antioxidants, which work to soothe cold sores and increase the speed of healing from them. How to use tea bags in the treatment of cold sores:


Prepare the tea bags, soak them in hot water for a few minutes, leave them to cool down, then apply the wet tea bags to the sore for 5 - 10 minutes. You should repeat this method at regular intervals and use fresh tea bags. You can benefit more by drinking a cup of green tea and then using the tea bags on the sore.




Using garlic to treat cold sores:


Garlic has anti-bacterial and good cleaning properties and is an important natural remedy. You can make a paste of garlic cloves and chop them well and apply it to cold sores and leave it for a few minutes, then wash it with warm water.


Banong cold sore treatment:


Banong contains healing elements and powerful healing properties. You can simply drink bunong tea regularly or massage the sores with the liquid after it cools down a little. Or apply Panunog paste to the sores at least 3-4 times a day to increase the speed of healing.


Milk for cold sores:


Milk contains immune globulin, amino acids, and lysine, which helps relieve pain caused by cold sores.


How to use milk:


Put an amount of milk in a dish and soak a piece of cotton in the milk, apply this cotton on the cold sore and massage gently, and leave it for a few minutes before washing it.




Vanilla contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help get rid of any viral infection easily, in addition to it reduces the pain caused by infections and sores. By making a vanilla paste and applying it to the sores using a clean piece of cotton, you can repeat this method three to four times a day.


Tea tree oil:


Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and antiviral, and it has antibiotic properties that help prevent infection as well as prevent cold sores. Take a few drops of tea tree oil and add it to an appropriate amount of water and mix well, then apply it to the sore and leave it for a few minutes.


Apple cider vinegar :


Apple cider vinegar helps dry up pimples and kill bacteria, so it is a good natural disinfectant .. You can use it simply by soaking a piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar directly, you will feel a little stinging.