How to Clean Your Cookie Sheets


We all enjoy making and eating cookies, yet the clean-up isn’t very fun! After reading this, you won’t toss your cookie sheets ever even if they are looking like they’re ready for the trash! In this article, We’re going to show you the best cleaning recipe to make them look shiny and new!

Indeed, Cookie sheets can be considered one of those things that seem impossible to clean. Most people give up and toss them out just because Oil and grease get stuck to them and are hard to get off. However, try our cleaning recipe and get ready to be amazed!


* Ingredients :


° Bakiing sodaa

° Hydrogeen peroxiide.


* directions :


Beginin by spreading baking soda all on pan, and hydrogen peroxiide, and progressively  add more baking soda. Let  it to do its magical about 2 h .

Once 2 h are up, your pan will surprisingly look as good as new! Wipe gently the baking soda away, no scrubbing required !