macaroni salad recipe

The method of preparing the authorities varies according to the countries. It is an appetizer that is often present alongside foods; They are light on the stomach, and are prepared from vegetables, fruits, pasta and other simple natural ingredients, and chicken pieces can also be added to them sometimes.


* the ingredients


° 6 cucumbers, diced.

° Four medium sized carrots and grated.

° American lettuce, roughly chopped.

° Four cups of short noodles.

+ Yogurt sauce:

° 2 boxes yogurt.

° 2 tablespoons tahini.

° 2 tablespoons mayonnaise.

° 2 tablespoons vinegar.

° 2 big spoons lemon juice.

° salt, cumin,black pepper.


* How to prepare


 Boil the pasta in a saucepan filled with water by placing it with a little salt on the stove until it boils, then drain it from the boiling water well and set it aside until it cools. Put the cucumber, carrot, and lettuce pieces in a salad bowl and mix together, then add the amount of pasta to the vegetables and stir gently. On a side plate, mix yogurt, tahini, mayonnaise, vinegar, lemon juice, black pepper, salt, and cumin together until combined, then pour it over the salad, and stir to reach the entire salad. Serve the pasta salad with yogurt on the serving plate next to the main dish. You can add some croutons to your pasta salad with yogurt.