My Clothes Were Never Pure White And Fresh Smelling After Washing, Then My Neighbor Told Me This Trick!




On average, anyone spends 4 hours a week doing laundry, and although modern automatic washing machines do most of the work, we can still improve the washing result and save a lot of time with this simple trick.


This trick will work best for you if you have pets, or you have a lot of dark-colored clothes. All you have to do is put wet wipes in the washing machine before putting your dirty laundry, and you will see the result.


The American "Pride Side" site states that he was somewhat skeptical of the outcome of this trick, so he decided to try the matter himself, and revealed the final result, which is as follows:


There will be no lint attached to your clothes


Wet wipes help remove lint and hair from clothes; It acts as an absorbing agent; To clean small pieces of fabric, fur and hair.


At the end of the wash, all of these particles become attached to the wet wipes, and as a result, the clothes look cleaner, and you do not need to remove all these small particles from your clothes yourself.


How to do this trick correctly?


Put no more than 3 wet wipes in the washing machine, and when they start to spin, the wipes will mix with the clothes and collect hair and fur. You must use new wet wipes for every wash.


Make sure the tissues you put on are thick enough


Wet wipes should be strong enough not to tear inside the washer, and try to slice them with your hands, and if you find that tearing them too difficult, this is the ideal type of wet wipe to use in washing.


Napkins made of paper or fabric do not work


Do not try to replace wet wipes with paper or cloth; Because the tissue paper is not strong enough, it will rip and you'll have to clean all the small pieces of paper from your clothes. The tissue paper will not do anything, and you will not see any results of this trick at all if you use it.


Don't forget to get rid of the aromatic scent of the wipes


If you do not want your clothes to absorb the smell of wet wipes, choose an anti-bacterial or unscented type, and you can also add a little fabric softener to get rid of the smell.