Pineapple coconut snowballs recipe



Making sweets is considered one of the professional culinary arts, which does not require experience as much as it needs an artistic sense and distinct taste, and the varieties of sweets vary in oriental cuisine, some of them are eaten cold, some are added to the syrup, and then what needs to be prepared for an oven and many many differences.


* the ingredients :


° 3 quarters a cup of flour.

° 3 cups coconut.

° A cup caster sugar.

° Half a cup vegetable oil.

° 3 eggs of medium size.

° A tsp liquid or powdered vanilla.

° A tsp of baking powder.

° 1  cans crushed pineapple, draiined


* How to prepare :


Bring a bowl and put the three eggs in it, whisk them, then put the vanilla and whisk it until the eggs are homogeneous with the vanilla, and add sugar gradually with constant stirring of the mixture, then add half a cup of vegetable oil gradually, and continue stirring the mixture until all the ingredients are homogeneous with each other. Bring the butter paper or a special bowl, then sift the flour and baking powder, then mix them well, then add the three cups of coconut to the flour and crushed pineapple baking powder and start stirring them. Add the egg mixture gradually, with constant stirring with a spoon until the mixture becomes somewhat soft. Bring the cups that you want to put the mixture in, and put butter paper inside them and put the mixture inside these cups, then put the cups on the oven tray. Turn the oven on at 180 degrees, then put the tray in the oven for ten minutes, until it turns red, then take it out and leave it until it cools, then put it in a serving dish and serve.