Slow cooker philly cheese steak sandwiches


* the ingredients :


° Beef, cut into long slices - 600 gr

° Edam cheese, grated - half a cup

° Onion, sliced ​​- 2

° Mushrooms cut to slices - a cup & a half

° Green bell pepper, cut into long slices - 1

° Vegetable oil - a tablespoon

° Small baguette bread - 4

° Garlic powder - half a teaspoon

° Black pepper 

° White pepper    

° Salt


* The method of work :


1- Heat the oil in a frying pan over a stove. Add onions and stir until wilted, then put the capsicum on top.

2- When the capsicum wilts, put the meat on top and stir.

3- Season the meat with black pepper, white pepper, garlic and salt, and when it changes color, add the mushrooms.

4- Take the mixture off the heat when the meat is well done.

5- Heat the oven grill.

6- Divide the meat mixture into the 4 pieces of the baguette and add the grated cheese on top.

7- Heat the bread under the grill until the cheese melts