Fried chicken is a crunchy delight. These recipes show you how to make it more delicious, with tips on how to make even the simplest fried and light chicken. For a truly Southern take on fried chicken, fry a batch of Mama's fried chicken - simply seasoned with salt and pepper, and marinated in yogurt, that's a mouthwatering delight. Or enjoy sweet fried chicken. To taste this delicious mixture, enjoy fried fried tomatoes, as they have a deep texture without oil, or the Chicken Pepper Fried Chicken, which mixes black pepper and red pepper, uses salt crackers for the crust. However, these fried chicken recipes will make you enjoy the crunchy taste of this classic Southern food.



* the ingredients :


° 4 people

° 3 chicken breasts, cut lengthwise

° 4 tablespoons of milk

° Two suspensions of starch

° Salt and Pepper

° Pinch of red paprika

° an egg

° Two hanging vinegar

° Small hanging Tom

° 0.5 cup flour

° 0.5 cups of Mi


° A cup of flour

° 3 tablespoons of starch

° She blurted out Maggie's cube

° Pinch of ground ginger

° Pinch of mixed spices

° Pinch of pepper

° Two hanging baking powder


* Steps:


We wash the chicken and cut it lengthwise

We add salt, pepper, barbeque, garlic, vinegar, yogurt, starch, flour, water and an egg (all the ingredients for the seasoning)

The breast is soaked with the mixture for a period of not less than four hours

We collect the amounts of coverage, dip the marinated chicken, and then fry