Sweet potato pound cake with rum glaze and pecans



This recipe is Yasser Sahleh and Benina. Muffins, pumice, blush fare, sugar blush and sweet potato.

For sweet potatoes, you need to peel, cut into cubes and simmer in boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes, or

Steam for 20 minutes. From after it is drawn and kicked by Farshita or relieved.

Regarding the yard of oats, rest the oatmeal to give the dried kima dust.


* Ingredients :


° 250g sweet potatoes, tender and mashed

° 125 ml vegetable oil

° 2 bites

° 75 ml of maple syrup, honey

° 200 g oat varieties

° 2 small scoops of refreshment yeast

° Pinch of salt

° 1 small cinnamon scoop

° 50 g crushed walnuts


* Preparation :


Mix the dry ingredients together: oatmeal, softening yeast, salt and cinnamon.

On a large plate, mix the mashed sweet potato with bone, oil, and maple syrup (or honey).

Add dry ingredients also blend well .

Place dough in the muffins and garnish them above the nuts.

Keep them fresh in a preheated oven at 175 ° C