You may not think you need to clean Your dishwasher but you really should . Here are 6 cleaning tips



Most people don't think about cleaning the dishwasher. If the dishes are clean, is the dishwasher clean? However? Unfortunately, dirt and deposits can remain over time and can reduce dishwasher performance. If it is time to clean up your step, see Step 1 below to learn how.


Fill the basin half full with water and add two cups of vinegar. In this, you can soak your dishwasher parts, while you clean the walls and bottom.


Remove the holders for the shelves. The shelves as well as the cutlery tray, as well as all other parts that do not belong to the shelves, must be removed. If it is small, you can put it in vinegar water to clean it. If it does not fit, you can wipe it with a cloth dampened with a solution of vinegar.



Remove all debris from the holes in the rotating arms. Make sure all holes are open so that water can flow through them. If this is a problem, these holes must be cleaned to run the dishwasher efficiently. If you have one, use pliers with a sharp point; Otherwise, you can use a toothpick or something similar. Be careful not to scratch anything when using a metal tool. Take it easy and be careful.

If these holes are very small, you can use a thin thread with a hook at the end. Push this wire through the hole farthest from the center of the arm. It will come out a little bit of dirt every time you do this.

Another possibility is to drill a much larger hole at the end of the arm. Run the dishwasher to wash off the dirt, then close the hole with a stainless steel screw.



Wipe the edges of the door and around the seal. This place is not washed while washing dishes. Use a damp cloth and vinegar solution (or a mild detergent if you prefer). With an old toothbrush or an old, fluffy home brush, you can get into the corners and under the seal.