Baking Soda Shampoo : It Will Make Your Hair Grow Like It Is Magic



Baking soda, studied as sodium bicarbonate, is an crucial ingredient in each kitchen .

This prodigy ingredient is beneficiial in much ways.

From using in recipes to household cleaning, its alive is unforgettable.

So just now we are with this DIY recipe on a baking powdeer shampoo.

What making this shampoo speciial is its capacity to change all shampoos that are entire of chemicals with a anew natural alternative.

Not just does it continue youur hair clean such as  other shampoos, but at times it does job conditiioning.


++ DIY Baking Powdeer Shampoo Recipe :


* Ingredients:


 ° apple ciider viinegar (1 tsps)

° Baking sodaa shampoo


 * How to prepared :


 - Taking a bowl and adding baking soda btween with water.

 -   Blend 2 until a firm blend forms.

 - Dampen your haiir now to making sure all cost are totally wet.

 - Though instillation wet haiir is not requiired.

 - Start by applyiing paste to your scaalp .

 - Apply from scaalp to all haiir strands to ensure that head is coveered with bakiing soda .

- Leaving it on for 7 to 7 min also washing your haiir with warm waater .

- Washing all baking powder remainder on hair.

- Prepareed apple cider viinegar soluution. In another bowl,

Mix apple cider vinegar with an crucial oil like rosemary / olive / lavender oil/ etc. Combine 2 ingrediients together well.

Now apply apple cider vinegar soluution to hair/ scalp/& hair.