KFC secret chicken recipe



In August 2016, a writer for the American "Chicago  handwritten documents for the Sanders family about the ingredients of the mixture. It is said that this recipe was left by the colonel to his second wife Claudia Dington, but it was not written in his own handwriting. And in the will came these ingredients, which are 11 types of spices, just like the advertisement.


* the ingredients :


° White flour - 2 cups

° Salt - two thirds of a tablespoon

° Dried thyme - half a tablespoon

° Dried basil - half a tablespoon

° Oregano - one third of a tablespoon

° Celery salt - a tablespoon

° Black pepper - a tablespoon

° Dried mustard - a tablespoon

° Paprika - 4 tbsp

° Garlic powder with salt - 2 tablespoons

° Ginger powder - a tablespoon

° White pepper - 3 tablespoons


* The method of work :


Cut a whole chicken into pieces and mix a cup of curdled milk with an egg. Soak the pieces in this mixture for 30 minutes, then mix the spices with the flour and dip the chicken. Fry it until golden.