Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup



Ingredient preparation time sufficient number of people for the prepared recipe Time to cook the recipe Fifteen minutes Four people Twenty minutes


* the ingredients :


° Half a cup shredded mozzarella cheese.

° A box grated cheddar cheese.

° Two also a half cups chopped & lightly boiled broccoli.

° L & a half chicken broth.

° A glass milk.

° A cup cream.

° Two tablespoons flour.

° Two tablespoons oil.

° Oregano.

° salt.


* How to prepare :


 Stir the flour and oil in a bowl on the fire until it is roasted. Add milk gradually, and stir it until its consistency becomes thick. Add the broth gradually while stirring, then put the broccoli and leave it until it becomes tender. Grind the soup with a vertical mixer, then put the cream, oregano, pepper and salt, and leave the soup on a low heat until it boils for ten minutes. Add the two types of cheese, and stir the soup a little, then pour it into a serving bowl.