Trick to Help You Stop Leg Cramps During The Night For Good !!


There nothing bad that Leg cramps. Even if they are a natural process that happens tp everybody, especially during the night, they're known to lead to pain in the feet, calves, and thighs, and discomfort. This can lead in return to less sleeping hours and impairing the overall health as well.

Dehydration, the lack of exercise during the day and poor blood flow in the legs can be listed as the main reasons behind Leg cramps. They’re commonly known to last from a few seconds up to a few minutes, and in the most severe cases, even up to a few days.

Luckily, these can be reduced and treated with the help of some simple tricks. Thus, you'd best increase the magnesium intake by consumpting foods that are high in this mineral, like yogurt, dates, bananas, dark greens, veggies, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate because they are proven to very useful.

The 15 most beneficial foods that we can all agree about are bananas, dates, mushrooms, cacao, tomatoes, quinoa, ACV, pumpkin seeds,sea salt, greek yogurt, sardines and salmon, nuts, green leafy veggies, molasses and avocado.


The following magnesium oil can also be extremely effective. You should rub it on the legs at bedtime and let it to act overnight.


– ½ cup of magnesium chloride flakes

– ½ cup of distilled water


All you need to do is boil the water and add the flakes while stirring. Now that is dissolved, remove them from heat and let them cool. Once done, pour in a spray bottle the oil.


Make sure to spray 5 to 10 sprays on each leg during the night.

However, we will also suggest the following tips:

- Do stretches

Stretching is proven to be a superb solution in preventing leg cramps as it boosts blood flow, which helps the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells. More than that, a ledge and resting a ball of the foot while the heel is on the floor is the easiest way. Immediately shift the weight on the ledge, holding about 2 seconds and rest 10.  And please make 6 to 8 repetitions with each leg. The end result is relaxed calves.

- More vitamin D; 

This vitamin is of significant help for the absorption of calcium, which is an electrolyte and balances the body fluids. To boost the levels of this vitamin in the body, you'd best expose to sun as muximum as possible, as well as consume seafood and mushrooms.

– Imbalance in electrolytes; 

Proper hydration of the body is another great way to prevent cramps is. Bear in mind that the electrolytes might be imbalanced in the body in case this does not work, so make sure to prepare the following drink :

#Electrolyte Drink- Recipe:

– Mix half a teaspoon of unionized salt, 1-quart water, 6 teaspoons of sugar (or sugar) together. In the case of sugar, be sure to reduce salt by 1/2.wo limes and lemon juice. This beverage should be drunk every single day.

–  Please walk with slow pace anytime you can in case you suffer from leg cramp, so that to improve the blood flow. You can also massage the caves with circular movements or extend the cramping leg and flex ankles instead. Afterwards, place the toes pointed upward and in the direction of the knees, and finally tug the feet, and stretch.